Located in the heart of Clifton Forge, a historical railroad town in Alleghany County, Virginia, the Club Car is a deli-style full service café where patrons come not only to enjoy a delicious menu but also to shop and to meet friends. The Club Car occupies a historical building known for many years as Farrar’s Drugstore and offers a cozy environment where patrons can “walk down memory lane”, browse a charming gift shop and enjoy a delicious home style menu. And when you come to visit us, do not forget to stop by the CABOOSE, our extension gift shop adjacent to the Club Car. Here you will find unique hand painted materials, uncommon crafts, and the same warm hospitality which has made the Club Car a favorite stop in town.

Club Car Clifton Forge Va

Open Monday through Fridays ~ 9:00am to 3:00pm

@ The Club Car in Clifton Forge Va Enjoying Lunch

Great friends and Great Food!  See you at The Club Car!


The Club Car atmosphere is merry.

It is owned by the personable Cindy Perry.

It is part of our daily routine

To treat ourselves to the luncheon cuisine.

Today it seems to be quite rare

To be served by people who really care.

Cindy, Kara, Amelia, Amber, Gail and Maria

Anne, Kate, Joy and Lacey are glad to see ya.

Cindy was looking for a special way

To celebrate the forthcoming holiday.

She chose to tell each of the girls

That each of them should wear some pearls.

The staff now goes the extra mile.

They lift your spirits with a smile.

The Club Car girls are full of grace.

This shop is truly a unique place.

So treat yourself to some coffee or soup,

And become part of the Club Car loop.

You’ll see your loved one’s spirit lift,

When you buy them a Club Car gift.